The Farah Hussaini
The Farah Hussaini




My name is Farah.

My name is Farah and I am a full time student, part time blogger. I'm an ambitious teenage girl aspiring to become many things- a lawyer, a writer, and a successful blogger, among other things. I currently live abroad, under the hot sun in Abu Dhabi, but I am from the suburbs of New Jersey. I am a proud feminist, coffee addict, english and history nerd, and lover of music. I'm learning how to play two instruments (ukulele and piano) and I love to sing! I hope to inspire my readers and gather knowledge from all over the world. Whilst balancing school, family, friends, and my own passions, my blog will contain lifestyle, beauty, food, and travel posts.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!