Life Update: Blogger's Block

Life Update: Blogger's Block

Lately, I've been experiencing a little bit of blogger's block. I'm stuck on what to write about! Thus, I haven't written a post in 2 or so weeks, and I've been getting lots of kind messages from you all asking where I am. To answer your questions, Yes, I am alive. I've been incredibly busy 24/7, and I had trouble fitting blogging into my schedule. However, In the next few weeks, I'll have lots of posts lined up for you all! There'll be some music related posts, beauty, recipes, and perhaps a few fashions posts as well. I can't wait for you all to read them!

Recently, my life's been quite a roller coaster. High school is challenging for everyone. We're all faced with the intimidating freedoms to define ourselves and create our futures while expected to maintain good grades and friendships. We're growing and developing physically and mentally, and we often make mistakes. We need to learn how to own up to those mistakes. If someone is unable to accept their mistakes and learn from them, good luck growing as a person. As young adults, it's our first time having so many responsibilities, and it gets overwhelming at times.

It's important to never lose yourself, and never lose the people you love. I am lucky to be surrounded with loving family and friends. Always cherish your close friends and family. Don't let go of friends who are nothing but kind and loving towards you, regardless of the circumstances. I've also realized the ability to understand and accept when you're wrong is a valuable skill. Make sure you think about the decisions you're making, make sure you have no regrets. Trust yourself, but don't believe everything you hear. Love yourself, take care of yourself, and love others. Be kind, Be humble, and Be happy.

You will find people in high school, college, and after that who will temporarily take away the pain and give you the strength to be the best version of yourself. Whether that be a close friend, or something more, you will find people who will make an large difference in your overall happiness. Keep those people, and don't let go. And, always remember that people who introduce you to new music, are people you should keep in your lives.

A couple weeks ago, a close friend of mine taught me something immensely valuable. In our lives, we experience happiness and struggle, success and failure. We lose people we love, we lose our friends, our family, and ourselves. We reach incredibly low points in our lives, leading people drink away their sorrows and throw themselves off buildings. For the every low point of sadness and frustration in our life, there is always a high moment of happiness and love awaiting. In other words, for the lowest low, you'll experience the highest high. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, and stay tuned for more posts coming up.

My name is Farah and I'm a part time blogger, full time student. Whilst balancing school, family, friends, travels, and my own passions, I write lifestyle and beauty posts. Be sure to check out my blog and leave comments! Thank you! x