Vinyl Vibes

Vinyl Vibes

I am a proud vinyl junkie. I love buying records and growing my record collection, and of course, listening to them. I usually purchase my records from Virgin Megastore, or from my local record shop back home. For all those other record collectors out there, or for anybody interested in purchasing more records, read on to hear my top favorites!

Marches in Hi-Fi // Arthur Fielder & the Boston Pops

This record is one of my favorites. My amazing aunt bought it for me as a gift which was so sweet. The tracks are classical, orchestra music and they're great background music for cleaning your room, studying, or just lounging around. This record is a bit beaten up as shown by picture, but I love it anyway. Arthur Fielder & The Boston Pops were one of America's most well known Orchestra in the 1930's for their classical tunes, hence this record is a favorite of mine. 

Back in Black // ACDC

ACDC is just hard rock and roll- and having it on vinyl sounds great. Back in black is one of my favorite ACDC albums and it's got so many energetic tracks. My favorite song is probably 'Rock and Roll ain't Noise Pollution' The album came out in 1980 and it's truly iconic.

Close to You // Frank Sinatra

I love how classy and vintage Frank Sinatra sounds on my record player playing through my bedroom. His voice is amazing, and having a Frank Sinatra record seems like a must for any vinyl collector. I love listening to this album whilst doing my homework or chilling around my room. Frank Sinatra was known as one of the most influential artists of all time in the 1960's, and his music is still well known today.

Born to Run // Bruce Springsteen

This has got to be one of my favorite albums of all time. Bruce Springsteen is such a legend and although this is one of his older albums, it's definitley my favorite. My favorite track has got to be 'Thunder Road' because the words are so lovely and it's such a catchy tune. 

...And Justice For All // Metallica

This collection is just... it leaves me speechless. The whole collection comes with four records, in the amazing box pictured above. Having the records in a box looks really nice in my basket of records as well- I absolutely love this one. Metallica is definitley heavy metal, and their music sounds great on vinyl. The album came out in 1988. 

Thank you for reading! Got any other recommendations for myself and all the other vinyl junkies out there? Be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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