Family Fun

Family Fun

I think the best part of coming home every summer, is visiting my family. Last week, I stayed in Albany, NY with my lovely aunt, uncle, and adorable baby cousin in their beautiful home. Upstate New York is beautiful. From cozy, cute destinations like Saratoga Springs, to the natural backdrop of lush meadows and rolling hills, I felt as if I was on top of the world. Not to mention, I was with people I love in a beautiful place.

Chilling at home was so relaxing yet so fun. I loved spending time with my baby cousin, and having delicious home cooked meals, like the homemade pizza we made!

One of the many highlights of my stay in Albany was driving to Saratoga for the afternoon. We had a chance to see the Horse Racing Derby which was super cool, and look at the different shops and restaurants on Main Street. I'm a foodie, and we tasted different types of olive oil teas, and honey which was so cool!

The day after Saratoga, I had a super relaxing day with my Aunt. I unfortunately forgot my camera, but I had a really nice day. We went to a really lovely tea cafe and got some tea and curry puffs, we shopped for some old used vinyl (I'll be posting a USA vinyl haul soon!) and we got our nails done at a really nice nail salon. I had so much fun spending time with her after being apart for so long. I had such a wonderful time staying with my family, and it was so kind of them to host me and take me to such cool places. I think I'll remember this trip forever.

Finally being home feels so great, but going to Albany is just the beginning. In the past few days, I've been in Boston, Jersey, and NYC! Expect lots of upcoming posts about what I've been doing and where I am, and comment below about your summer! Thanks for reading!

Dress from Hollister, Sunglasses from Topshop.

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