Boston, You Have My Heart

Boston, You Have My Heart

Our day in Boston was definitley well spent. A few days ago, my Mom and I went on a little road trip to Massachusetts to pick up my sister from college. After, we all decided to take a day trip to Boston! We packed our stuff and spent one day in Boston, where we had loads of fun and went to lots of lovely places.

We started off the day at Newburry Street. We walked around, looked at the stores, and did a little shopping. It was an adorable street perfect for shopping and exploring. After, we went to Harvard Square which captured my heart the second I stepped foot. Of course everyone's dream is to go to Harvard, and I fall into that large group of people who aspire to be there someday. Walking around Harvard Square the campus felt so surreal and inspiring to me, it made me think that even although Harvard seems unattainable, hard work and effort is gonna get me into a place I love, whether it be Harvard or someplace else. In the upcoming school year, I want to try my best to work as hard as I can. I feel so motivated and excited for the future. After visiting my dream school, we spent the end of the day roaming around Quincy Market. We did a little shopping, got some lunch, some coffee and overall just relaxed. It was also really nice catching up with my sister after being away for so long, and what better way to catch up than being on a girl's trip! I loved every second of it.

It only took 3 destinations and 24 hours for me to fall in love with Boston, and I hope I get to come back someday. It was such a lovely experience and I couldn't have spent it with better people. So, Boston you have my heart.

Hat from Urban Outfitters, Top from Hollister.

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