Good Times & Tan Lines

Good Times & Tan Lines

Nothing compares to the relaxed, peaceful life in The Hamptons. This was the fourth summer I spent in the Hamptons, and I couldn't have been more happy to be at my childhood vacation spot.

From luxury beaches to adorable cafés, The Hamptons was the ultimate way to spend summer. Our stay was unforgettable, we stayed in a beautiful home with lots of nature and a private pool. Each day was spent swimming, relaxing in the sun, grilling up the barbecue, and preparing delicious home cooked meals using fresh ingredients from the local farmer's market. Life was better than I could ever imagine.

I'm sad to say that summer is coming to an end. But, I've been feeling inspired lately. This year I want to try and become the best version of myself, I want to learn more, love more, and do more. Expect a year full of blog posts and exciting projects. 

Comment below letting me know how your summer was, I'd love to hear all about it! 

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