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Smiling at Colgate University

Farah HussainiComment
Smiling at Colgate University

It was a Party in the USA this past month.


Just kidding. My trip to America was spent at an SAT camp.

But in all honesty, I had the best time studying up at the breath-taking campus of Colgate University. Although the program I attended was rigorous, I met incredible people, boosted my SAT score, and created everlasting memories.

I wanted to attend a summer program to feel productive and accomplished during my time off. Though most teenagers would despise spending 3 weeks of their precious summer studying, I highly suggest allocating some time over the summer attending a program. It does more help than harm, and it's definitley worth it in the end. My SAT score went up by over 200 points in 3 short weeks.

Colgate University definitley lives up to being ranked as the most beautiful college campus in America. Being a city girl, the sunsets atop meadows of trees, the quads scattered with old buildings, and the deer and bunnies lurking around campus were all unfamiliar sights. I miss the chilly walks in the morning and seeing the nighttime stars while walking back to the dorm after a long day. I miss the rain, but most of all, I miss the people and the moments we shared.

pretty campus.PNG

From bonfires and s'mores, games of cards, and ice cream cones, we had the chance to immerse ourselves in both a mix of the traditional summer camp experience, as well as a taste of the authentic college experience. After staying in a dorm for 3 weeks, I realized how much I missed home cooked food and the comfort of being in Abu Dhabi. And despite my constant homesickness, I couldn't be more thankful for how I spent my 3 weeks- smiling at Colgate University.

Part one of my summer adventure, visiting America, is over. Now, the best is yet to come. This weekend, I'll be setting off with my family for 2 weeks in Italy and I couldn't be more excited! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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